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Traffic violation

Don't just plead guilty

Don't let traffic violations slow

you down.

Helping you navigate through traffic

When you are facing traffic violations, act quickly! Don't let tickets and fines build up to become increased threats. Avoid scenarios where your license could be revoked, and your insurance might go through the roof!


If you have a justifiable reason that your fines should be lowered or absolved, we will assist you in exploring all of your options.


Versace Law Office, P.C. fights with bulldog like tenacity to maintain our client's legal right to drive!

  • Traffic misdemeanors

  • Reckless and negligent driving

  • Juvenile traffic violations

  • Revoked and suspended licenses

For 15 years Attorney Meade Versace has provided outstanding legal service to his clients in all areas of law.






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  • No insurance

  • Speeding tickets


  • Driver's license reinstatements

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