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Petition to file for bankruptcy

There are legal options for debt removal

Sound options for debt relief and filing for bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy / Non-bankruptcy services

When you have mounds of debt, the proper guidance through this time is valuable. Get consultation and personal research for your bankruptcy claim, along with form preparation and debt counseling.


Stop wage garnishments, lower your monthly payments, and stop telephone harassment by filing for the right form of bankruptcy.


Versace Law Office, P.C. specializes in Chapter 7, Chapter 12, and Chapter 13 bankruptcy. We also have diligent experience working to eliminate debt through non-bankruptcy tactics.

  • Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

  • Chapter 12 Bankruptcy

  • Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

  • Debt Counseling

Bankruptcy is not always the correct option. We can inform you if your financial goals can be reached through debt counseling.





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  • Settlement

  • Foreclosures

  • Loan modification

    •   Bankruptcy  counseling

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